Microlife: German & Danish names

German often uses vernacular names where English prefers Greek or Latin, and they still appear in some guides to protozoa and other microscopic life. Some of these are the same as names used by earlier authors like Ehrenberg, while many others have been introduced since.

This table compares names from the following sources. Müller writes in Latin but also gives some names in Danish, here marked “Dan.” The others are all in German and usually apply to the species, but those marked “sp.” are given for the genus as then understood.

M – “Zoologiae Danicae prodromus” (1776) by Müller
S – “Fauna Boica, 2te Abt.” (1803) by Schrank
E – “Die Infusionsthierchen als vollkommene Organismen” (1838) by Ehrenberg
B – “Brehms Tierleben, 4te Auf.” (1918) ed. zur Strassen
L – “Das Leben im Wassertropfen, 9te Auf.” (2002) by Streble & Krauter

I’ve tried to list currently accepted species named in both older and modern sources. These are generally matched by taxonomic equivalence, since in cases like amoebae it is not generally possible to identify them exactly. For many older descriptions even this is hard to ascertain, and so there are some omissions.

Cyanobacteria, Endobacteria, Proteobacteria, Spirochaetae; Chlorophyta; Cryptista, Cercozoa, Ciliophora, Miozoa, Bigyra, Ochrophyta; Euglenozoa, Metamonada, Amoebozoa, Choanozoa; Gnathifera, Gastrotricha

As always classification is not constant, and in addition authorities for some species are variously reported (especially for Ehrenberg, detailed in this note) so some of these may be mislabeled. If you have any corrections, improved translations, or additional sources for names please let me know.

Kingdom Bacteria German / Danish name English translation
Phylum Cyanobacteria
1. Merismopedia glauca (Ehrenberg, 1838) Kützing, 1845
E Gonium? glaucum Bläuliches Tafelthierchen Bluish tablet animalcule
L Merismopedia glauca Blasse Tafelblaualge Pale tablet blue alga
Phylum Endobacteria
1. Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg, '1834') Cohn, 1872
E Vibrio subtilis Zartes Zitterthierchen Delicate trembling animalcule
L Bacillus subtilis Aufgußbakterium Infusion bacterium
Phylum Proteobacteria
1. Gallionella ferruginea Ehrenberg, 1838
E Gallionella ferruginea Rostfarbene Dosenkette Rust-coloured box-chain
L Gallionella ferruginea Gedrehtes Eisenbakterium Turned iron bacterium
2. Spirillum volutans Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Spirillum volutans Grosse Walzenspirale Great roller-spiral
L Spirillum volutans Riesenspirille Giant spirillum
3. Thiospirillum jenense (Ehrenberg, 1838) Migula, 1900
E Ophidomonas jenensis Jenaische Schlangenmonade Jena serpent monad
L Thiospirillum jenense Rotes Spiral-Schwefelbakterium Red spiral sulfur bacterium
4. Chromatium okenii (Ehrenberg, 1838) Perty, 1852
E Monas Okenii Oken’s Stabmonade Oken’s staff monad
L Chromatium okenii Rotes Faß-Schwefelbakterium Red barrel sulfur bacterium
Phylum Spirochaetae
1. Spirochaeta plicatilis Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Spirochaeta plicatilis Wurmförmiges Schlingenthierchen Worm-shaped looping animalcule
B Spirochaeta plicatilis Süßwasserspirochäte Freshwater spirochete
Wurmförmiges Schlingentierchen Worm-shaped looping animalcule
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Chlorophyta
…Class Chlorophyceae
1. Stauridium tetras (Ehrenberg, 1838) Hegewald, 2005
E Micrasterias Tetras Vierstrahliges Zellensternchen Four-rayed little cell-star
L Pediastrum tetras Eingeschnittenes Zackenrädchen Incised little pronged-wheel
2. Pseudopediastrum boryanum (Turpin, 1828) Hegewald, 2005
E Micrasterias Boryana Bory’s Zellensternchen Bory’s little cell-star
L Pediastrum boryanum Warziges Zackenrädchen Warty little pronged-wheel
3. Pediastrum angulosum (Ehrenberg, '1834') Meneghini, 1840
E Micrasterias angulosa Gestutztes Zellensternchen Truncated little cell-star
L Pediastrum angulosum Eckiges Zackenrädchen Angular little pronged-wheel
4. Scenedesmus obliquus (Turpin, 1828) Kützing, 1833
E = Arthrodesmus acutus Wechselnder Vierling Variable quadruplet
L Scenedesmus obliquus Schiefe Gürtelalge Slanted belt alga
5. Gonium pectorale Müller, 1773
M Gonium pectorale Dan. Bryst-Hiörneren Breast ‘cornered’
S Gonium pectorale Kugelquadrat Globe-square
E Gonium pectorale Grünes Tafelthierchen Green tablet animalcule
B Gonium pectorale Flimmertäfelchen Little tinsel-tablet
L Gonium pectorale Mosaik-Grünalge Mosaic green alga
6. Pandorina morum (Müller, 1786) Bory, 1826
S Volvox Morum Maulbeer Kugelthier Mulberry globe animal
E Pandorina Morum Grüne Beerenkugel Green berry-globe
Maulbeerkugel Mulberry-globe
B Pandorina morum Maulbeerchen Little mulberry
L Pandorina morum Maulbeer-Grünalge Mulberry green alga
7. Volvox globator Linnaeus, 1758
M Volvox Globator Dan. Klode-Vælteren Globe ‘turner’
S Volvox Globator Gemeines Kugelthier Common globe animal
E Volvox Globator Grünes Kugelthier Green globe animal
B Volvox globator Flimmerkugel Tinsel-globe
L Volvox globator Große Wimperkugel Great ciliate-globe
Volvox aureus Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Volvox aureus Goldfarbendes Kugelthier Gold-coloured globe animal
B Volvox aureus Goldlfimmerkugel Golden tinsel-globe
L Volvox aureus Wimperkugel Ciliate-globe
8. Eudorina elegans Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Eudorina elegans Schöngrüne Augenkugel Beautiful green eye-globe
B Eudorina elegans Augenkügelchen Little eye-globe
L Eudorina elegans Geißelkugel-Grünalge Whip-globe green alga
9. Phacotus lenticularis (Ehrenberg, '1832') Stein, 1878
E Cryptomonas lenticularis Linsenförmige Panzermonade Lens-shaped armoured monad
L Phacotus lenticularis Linsenflagellat Lens flagellate
10. Chlorangiella pygmaea (Ehrenberg, '1832') Silva, 1959
E = Colacium stentorinum Trompetenförmiger Flohfreund Trumpet-shaped flea-friend
L Chlorangium stentorinum Grüne Urnen-Alge Green urn alga
11. Polytoma uvella Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Polytoma Uvella Traubenartige Theilmonade Grape-like part monad
L Polytoma uvella Hamsterflagellat Hamster flagellate
12. Chlorogonium euchlorum (Ehrenberg, '1830') Ehrenberg, '1837'
E Chlorogonium euchlorum Schöngrünes Nixchen Beautiful green little mermaid
L Chlorogonium euchlorum Spindelflagellat Spindle flagellate
…Class Conjugatophyceae
1. Netrium digitus (Ehrenberg ex Ralfs) Itzigsohn & Rothe, 1856
E Closterium Digitus Fingerförmiges Spindelthierchen Finger-shaped spindle animalcule
L Netrium digitus Vielfinger-Zieralge Many-finger desmid
2. Closterium lunula (Müller) Ehrenberg & Hemprich ex Ralfs
S Vibrio Lunula Mondförmiges Streckenthierchen Moon-shaped stretching animalcule
E Closterium Lunula Halbmondförmiges Spindelthierchen Crescent-shaped spindle animalcule
L Closterium lunula “Möndchen” “Little moon”
Closterium acerosum (Schrank) Ehrenberg ex Ralfs
S Vibrio acerosus Tangelförmiges Streckenthierchen Needle-shaped stretching animalcule
E Closterium acerosum Nadelartiges Spindelthierchen Needle-like spindle animalcule
L Closterium acerosum Säbelalge Sabre alga
Closterium striolatum Ehrenberg ex Ralfs
E Closterium striolatum Gestricheltes Spindelthierchen Dashed spindle animalcule
L Closterium striolatum Streifen-Spindelalge Striped spindle alga
Closterium moniliferum (Bory) Ehrenberg ex Ralfs
E Closterium moniliferum Perlen-Spindelthierchen Pearl spindle animalcule
L Closterium moniliferum Mondsichel Crescent
3. Cosmarium botrytis (Bory) Meneghini ex Ralfs
E Euastrum Botrytis Beerenartige Sternscheibe Berry-like star-disk
L Cosmarium botrytis Eiförmige Zieralge Egg-shaped desmid
Cosmarium verrucosum (Ehrenberg) Meneghini ex Ralfs
E Euastrum verrucosum Warzige Sternscheibe Warty star-disk
L Euastrum verrucosum Warzen-Sternalge Warted star alga
4. Euastrum ansatum Ehrenberg ex Ralfs
E Euastrum ansatum Zapfenartige Sternscheibe Spigot-like star-disk
L Euastrum ansatum Henkelalge Handle alga
5. Micrasterias apiculata (Ehrenberg) Meneghini ex Ralfs
E Euastrum apiculatum Stachlige Sternscheibe Spinous star-disk
L Micrasterias apiculata Stachelstern Spine-star
Micrasterias crux-melitensis (Ehrenberg) Hassall ex Ralfs
E Euastrum Crux melitensis Das Malteserkreuz The Maltese cross
L Micrasterias crux melitensis Malteserkreuz-Alge Maltese cross alga
6. Staurastrum aculeatum (Ehrenberg) Meneghini ex Ralfs
E Desmidium aculeatum Stachliges Kettenstäbchen Spinous little chain-staff
L Staurastrum aculeatum Igel-Zieralge Hedgehog desmid
7. Desmidium swartzii (Agardh) Agardh ex Ralfs
E Desmidium Swartzii Swartzen’s Kettenstäbchen Swartz’s little chain-staff
L Desmidium swartzii Ketten-Zieralge Chain desmid
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Cryptista
…Class Cryptophyceae
1. Cryptomonas erosa Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Cryptomonas erosa Ausgerandete Panzermonade Emarginate armoured monad
L Cryptomonas erosa Schlundflagellat Gullet flagellate
Cryptomonas ovata Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Cryptomonas ovata Eiförmige Panzermonade Egg-shaped armoured monad
L Cryptomonas ovata Ovaler Schlundflagellat Oval gullet flagellate
Cryptomonas paramaecium (Ehrenberg, '1830') Hoef-Emden & Melkonian, 2003
E Chilomonas Paramecium Dreiseitige Lippenmonade Three-sided lip monad
L Chilomonas paramecium Bogengeißelflagellat Bow-whip flagellate
Phylum Cercozoa
…Class Granofilosea
1. Clathrulina elegans Cienkowski, 1867
B Clathrulina elegans Gittertierchen Lattice animalcule
L Clathrulina elegans Kugelkäfig-Sonnentier Globe-cage sun animal
…Class Imbricatea
1. Trinema enchelys (Ehrenberg, 1838) Leidy, 1878
E Difflugia Enchelys Walzenartiges Schmelzthierchen Roller-like melting animalcule
L Trinema enchelys Plattbauch-Schalenamöbe Flat-belly shelled amoeba
2. Euglypha acanthophora (Ehrenberg, 1841) Perty, 1849
B Euglypha alveolata Zeichentierchen sp. Sign animalcule sp.
L = Euglypha alveolata Zeichen-Schalenamöbe Sign shelled amoeba
Phylum Ciliophora
…Class Karyorelictea
1. Loxodes rostrum (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Kolpoda Rostrum Dan. Snabel-Bugteren Trunk ‘bayed’
S Colpoda Rostrum Geschnabeltes Busenthierchen Beaked bosom animalcule
E Loxodes Rostrum Geschnäbeltes Lippenthierchen Beaked lip animalcule
L Loxodes rostrum Schnabeltierchen Beak animalcule
…Class Heterotrichea
1. Spirostomum ambiguum (Müller, 1786) Ehrenberg, '1837'
E Spirostomum ambiguum Wurmförmiges Schneckenthierchen Worm-shaped snail animalcule
B Spirostomum ambiguum Spiralmund, Schneckchen Spiral-mouth, Little snail (or slug)
L Spirostomum ambiguum Riesensumpfwurm Giant swamp-worm
2. Climacostomum virens (Ehrenberg, 1838) Stein, 1859
E Spirostomum virens Grünes Schneckenthierchen Green snail animalcule
L Climacostomum virens Flaches Trompetentier Flat trumpet animal
3. Linostomella vorticella (Ehrenberg, '1834') Aescht, 1999
E Bursaria vorticella Glockenähnliches Börsenthierchen Bell-like purse animalcule
L Condylostoma vorticella Beulentierchen Bulge animalcule
4. Blepharisma lateritium (Ehrenberg, '1832') Stein, 1859
E Bursaria lateritia Ziegelrothes Börsenthierchen Brick-red purse animalcule
L Blepharisma lateritium Rotes Lidtierchen Red lid animalcule
5. Stentor igneus Ehrenberg, 1838
E Stentor igneus Feuerfarbendes Trompetenthierchen Fire-coloured trumpet animalcule
B Stentor igneus Rote Trompete Red trumpet
L Stentor igneus Rotes Trompetentier Red trumpet animal
Stentor niger (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1832'
M Vorticella nigra Dan. Sort-Snurreren Black ‘spinner’
S Ecclissa nigra Schwarzes Trompetenthierchen Black trumpet animalcule
E Stentor niger Schwarzbraunes Trompetenthierchen Blackish-brown trumpet animalcule
B Stentor niger Schwarze Trompete Black trumpet
Stentor roeselii Ehrenberg, '1837'
E Stentor Roeselii Rösel’s Trompetenthierchen Rösel’s trumpet animalcule
B Stentor roeseli Graue Trompete Grey trumpet
L Stentor roeseli Graues Trompetentier Grey trumpet animal
Stentor coeruleus (Pallas, 1766) Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Stentor caeruleus Blaues Trompetenthierchen Blue trumpet animalcule
B Stentor coeruleus Blaue Trompete Blue trumpet
L Stentor coeruleus Blaues Trompetentier Blue trumpet animal
Stentor polymorphus (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Vorticella polymorpha Dan. Proteus-Snurreren Proteus ‘spinner’
E Stentor polymorphus Grünes Trompetenthierchen Green trumpet animalcule
B Stentor polymorphus Grüne Trompete Green trumpet
L Stentor polymorphus Grünes Trompetentier Green trumpet animal
…Class Litostomatea
1. Trachelius ovum (Ehrenberg, '1832') Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Trachelius ovum Eiartiges Halsthierchen Egg-like neck animalcule
B Trachelius ovum Flaschentierchen sp. Bottle animalcule sp.
L Trachelius ovum Flaschentierchen Bottle animalcule
2. Dileptus margaritifer (Ehrenberg, '1834') Dujardin, 1841
E Amphileptus margaritifer Perlen-Schwan Pearl swan
Amphileptus Anser Weisser Doppelhals White double-neck
Schwanengans Swan goose
B Dileptus anser Schwanengänschen Little swan goose
L Dileptus anser Gänsehalstierchen Goose-necked animalcule
3. Pseudomonilicaryon anser (Müller, 1773) Vďačný & Foissner, 2012
M Vibrio Anser Dan. Gaase-Strækkeren Goose ‘stretcher’
E = Amphileptus Anser Dileptus margaritifer
B Dileptus cygnus Schwänchen Little swan
4. Loxophyllum meleagris (Müller, 1773) Dujardin, 1841
M Kolpoda Meleagris Dan. Kalkun-Bugteren Turkey ‘bayed’
E Amphileptus Meleagris Gefleckter Doppelhals Spotted double-neck
Perlhuhn Guinea fowl
L Loxophyllum meleagris Wallendes Blatt Wavy leaf
5. Litonotus lamella (Müller, 1773) Schewiakoff, 1896
M Kolpoda Lamella Dan. Kniv-Blad-Bugteren Knife blade ‘bayed’
S Paramaecium Lamella Plattenförmige Langhaut Plate-shaped long-skin
E Trachelius Lamella Spahnähliches Halsthierchen Chip-like neck animalcule
L Litonotus lamella Zuckrüsseltierchen Twitching-trunk animalcule
Litonotus cygnus (Müller, 1773) Foissner, Berger, Blatterer & Kohmann, 1995
M Vibrio Cygnus Dan. Svane-Strækkeren Swan ‘stretcher’
S Trachelius Cygnus Schwanenhalsiges Langhalsthierchen Swan-necked long-neck animalcule
E = Amphileptus Anser Dileptus margaritifer
B Lionotus anser Zuckgänschen Little twitching-goose
L Litonotus cygnus Zuckgänschen Little twitching-goose
= Litonotus fasciola (Müller, 1773) Wrześniowski, 1870
M Vibrio Fasciola Dan. Igle-Strækkeren Leech ‘stretcher’
S = Trachelius Planaria Schleichwurm Langhalsthierchen Creeping-worm long-neck animalcule
E Amphileptus Fasciola Bindenthierchen Fillet animalcule
L Litonotus fasciola Zuckrüsseltierchen Twitching-trunk animalcule
6. Didinium nasutum (Müller, 1773) Stein, 1859
M Vorticella nasuta Dan. Næse-Snurreren Nose ‘spinner’
S Ecclissa nasuta Genasetes Trompetenthierchen Nosed trumpet animalcule
B Didinium nasutum Nasentierchen Nose animalcule
L Didinium nasutum Nasentierchen Nose animalcule
7. Lacrymaria olor (Müller, 1786) Bory, 1826
S = Trachelius Anhinga Anhinga Langhalsthierchen Snakebird long-neck animalcule
E Trachelocerca Olor Weisser Schwan White swan
B Lacrymaria olor Tränchen Little tear
Schwanenhälschen Little swan-neck
L Lacrymaria olor Tränentierchen Tear animalcule
Schwanenhalstierchen Swan-necked animalcule
…Class Spirotrichea
1. Aspidisca lynceus (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Trichoda Lynceus Dan. Los-Spilleren Lynx ‘player’
E Aspidisca Lynceus Geschnäbeltes Schildthierchen Beaked shield animalcule
L Aspidisca lynceus Schildkrötentierchen Turtle animalcule
2. Euplotes patella (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1832'
M Trichoda Patella Dan. Patelle-Spilleren Patella ‘player’
E Euplotes Patella Schüsselartiges Nachenthierchen Bowl-like barque animalcule
L Euplotes patella Lauftierchen Running animalcule
3. Urostyla grandis Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Urostyla grandis Grosses Griffelthierchen Great style animalcule
L Urostyla grandis Großes Vielfußtierchen Great many-footed animalcule
4. Tachysoma pellionellum (Müller, 1773) Borror, 1972
M Trichoda Pellionella Dan. Pelz-Spilleren Fur ‘player’
E Oxytricha Pellionella Pelzthierchen Furred animalcule
L Oxytricha pellionella Borstentierchen Bristle animalcule
5. Urosoma caudata (Ehrenberg, '1834') Berger, 1999
E Oxytricha caudata Geschwänztes Hechelthierchen Tailed hackle animalcule
L Urosoma cienkowskii Langschwanz Long-tail
6. Halteria grandinella (Müller, 1773) Dujardin, 1841
M Trichoda Grandinella Dan. Havl-Spilleren Hail ‘player’
S Trichoda Grandinella Schlossenförmiges Borstenthierchen Hailstone-shaped bristle animalcule
E Trichodina Grandinella Hagelthierchen Hail animalcule
B Halteria grandinella Springtierchen Jumping animalcule
L Halteria grandinella Springtierchen Jumping animalcule
7. Kerona pediculus (Müller, 1773) Blochmann, 1886
M Cyclidium Pediculus Dan. Luse-Runderen Louse ‘round’
S Cyclidium Pediculus Polypenlaus Polyp-louse
E = Trichodina pediculus Trichodina pediculus
Kerona polyporum Ovale Polypenlaus Oval polyp-louse
L Kerona polyporum Nierenförmige Polypenlaus Kidney-shaped polyp-louse
8. Oxytricha fallax Stein, 1859
B Oxytricha fallax Borstentierchen Bristle animalcule
L Oxytricha fallax Borstentierchen Bristle animalcule
9. Stylonychia mytilus (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Trichoda Mytilus Dan. Musling-Spilleren Mussel ‘player’
S Trichoda Mytilus Muschel Borstenthierchen Mussel bristle animalcule
E Stylonychia Mytilus Muschelthierchen Mussel animalcule
B Stylonychia mytilus Muscheltierchen Mussel animalcule
L Stylonychia mytilus Waffentierchen Armed animalcule
10. Histriculus histrio (Müller, 1773) Corliss, 1960
M Paramæcium Histrio Dan. Gögle-Aflangeren Buffoon ‘oblong’
S Trichoda Histrio Fleckiges Borstenthierchen Spotted bristle animalcule
E Stylonychia Histrio Die Maske The mask
L Histriculus erethisticus Gaukeltierchen Trickery animalcule
11. Tetmemena pustulata (Müller, 1786) Eigner, 1999
E Stylonychia pustulata Flunderthierchen Flounder animalcule
L Stylonychia pustulata Waffentierchen Armed animalcule
…Class Colpodea
1. Bursaria truncatella Müller, 1773
M Bursaria truncatella Dan. Mose-Pungen Marsh ‘purse’
E Bursaria truncatella Abgestutztes Börsenthierchen Truncated purse animalcule
B Bursaria truncatella Täschen, Börsentierchen Little bag, Purse animalcule
L Bursaria truncatella Beuteltierchen Pouch animalcule
2. Colpoda cucullus Müller, 1773
M Kolpoda Cucullus Dan. Hætte-Bugteren Cap ‘bayed’
S Colpoda Cucullus Eyförmiges Busenthierchen Egg-shaped bosom animalcule
E Colpoda Cucullus Kappenartiges Busenthierchen Cap-like bosom animalcule
B Colpidium cucullus Heutierchen, Heuinfusor Hay animalcule, Hay ciliate
Busentierchen Bosom animalcule
L Colpoda cucullus Heutierchen Hay animalcule
…Class Nassophorea
1. Obertrumia aurea (Ehrenberg, '1834') Foissner, 1987
E Nassula aurea Goldgelbes Reusenthierchen Gold-yellow fish-trap animalcule
B Nassula aurea Reusentierchen sp. Fish-trap animalcule sp.
2. Nassula ornata Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Nassula ornata Buntes Reusenthierchen Variegated fish-trap animalcule
B Nassula ornata Reusentierchen sp. Fish-trap animalcule sp.
L Nassula ornata Juwelentierchen Jewel animalcule
3. Nassulopsis elegans (Ehrenberg, '1834') Foissner, Berger & Kohmann, 1994
E Nassula elegans Zierliches Reusenthierchen Graceful fish-trap animalcule
B Nassula elegans Reusentierchen sp. Fish-trap animalcule sp.
L Nassulopsis elegans Blaufleck-Wimpertierchen Blue-spot ciliate animalcule
…Class Phyllopharyngea
1. Trithigmostoma cucullulus (Müller, 1786) Jankowski, 1967
S Colpoda Cucullulus Bohnenähnliches Busenthierchen Bean-like bosom animalcule
E Chilodon Cucullulus Helmartiges Seitenschnabel Helmet-like side-beak
B Chilodon cucullulus Lippenzähnchen Little lip-tooth
Seitenschnabel Side-beak
2. Chilodonella uncinata (Ehrenberg, '1837') Strand, 1928
E Chilodon uncinatus Hakenartiges Seitenschnabel Hook-like side-beak
L Chilodonella uncinata Lippenzähnchen Little lip-tooth
3. Metacineta mystacina (Ehrenberg, '1832') Bütschli, 1889
E Acineta mystacina Langbärtiges Strahlenbäumchen Long-bearded little rayed-tree
L Metacineta mystacina Spalten-Sauginfusor Split suctorian
4. Podophrya fixa (Müller, 1786) Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Podophrya fixa Süsser Strahlenfuss Freshwater rayed-foot
L Podophrya fixa Stiel-Sauginfusor Stalked suctorian
5. Acineta tuberosa Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Acineta tuberosa Gehörntes Strahlenbäumchen Horned little rayed-tree
L Acineta tuberosa Großes Sauginfusor Great suctorian
…Class Prostomatea
1. Prorodon niveus Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Prorodon niveus Weisse Zahnwalze White toothed-roller
L Pseudoprorodon niveus Spalten-Wimpertier Split ciliate animal
2. Holophrya teres (Ehrenberg, '1834') Foissner, Berger & Kohmann, 1994
E Prorodon teres Cylindrische Zahnwalze Cylindrical toothed-roller
B Prorodon teres Zahnwalze Toothed-roller
L Prorodon teres Längliche Zahnwalze Oblong toothed-roller
3. Coleps hirtus (Müller, 1786) Nitzsch, 1827
E Coleps hirtus Haariges Büchsenthierchen Hairy box animalcule
B Coleps hirtus Büchsentierchen Box animalcule
L Coleps hirtus Tonnentierchen Barrel animalcule
…Class Oligohymenophorea
1. Glaucoma scintillans Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Glaucoma scintillans Zitterndes Perlenthierchen Tremulous pearl animalcule
L Glaucoma scintillans Schiefmundtierchen Slant-mouthed animalcule
2. Colpidium colpoda (Losana, 1829) Stein, 1860
E Paramecium Colpoda Busen-Längethierchen Bosom long animalcule
B Colpidium colpoda Nierentierchen Kidney animalcule
L Colpidium colpoda Nierentierchen Kidney animalcule
3. Tetrahymena pyriformis (Ehrenberg, '1830') Lwoff, 1947
E Leucophrys pyriformis Birnförmiges Wimperthierchen Pear-shaped ciliate animalcule
L Tetrahymena pyriformis Birneninfusor Pear ciliate
4. Urocentrum turbo (Müller, 1786) Nitzsch, 1827
E Urocentrum turbo Müller’s Kreiselthierchen Müller’s top animalcule
L Urocentrum turbo Kreiseldose Top-box
5. Lembadion bullinum (Müller, 1786) Perty, 1849
S Bursaria bullina Blasenförmiges Hohlthierchen Bladder-shaped hollow animalcule
L Lembadion bullinum Schaufeltierchen Shovel animalcule
6. Frontonia leucas (Ehrenberg, '1834') Ehrenberg, 1838
E Bursaria Leucas Weisses Börsenthierchen White purse animalcule
L Frontonia leucas Schlitzmundtierchen Slit-mouthed animalcule
7. Paramecium bursaria (Ehrenberg, '1832') Focke, 1836
E Loxodes Bursaria Grünes Lippenthierchen Green lip animalcule
B Paramaecium bursaria Taschenpantoffeltierchen Bag slipper animalcule
L Paramecium bursaria Grüne Pantoffeltier Green slipper animal
Paramecium putrinum Claparède & Lachmann, 1859
B Paramaecium putrinum Schmutzpantoffeltierchen Dirt slipper animalcule
L = Paramecium trichium Schmutzpantoffeltier Dirt slipper animal
Paramecium caudatum Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Paramecium caudatum Geschwänztes Pantoffelthierchen Tailed slipper animalcule
B Paramaecium caudatum Geschwänztes Pantoffeltierchen Tailed slipper animalcule
L Paramecium caudatum Geschwänztes Pantoffeltier Tailed slipper animal
Paramecium aurelia complex
P. primaurelia Sonneborn, 1975, P. tetraurelia Sonneborn, 1975, etc.
M Paramæcium Aurelia Dan. Puppe-Aflangeren Pupa ‘oblong’
S Paramaecium Aurelia Dreykantige Langhaut Triangular long-skin
E Paramecium Aurelia Pantoffelthierchen Slipper animalcule
B Paramaecium aurelia Ohrenpantoffeltierchen Ear slipper animalcule
L Paramecium aurelia Ohren-Pantoffeltier Ear slipper animal
8. Trichodina pediculus Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Trichodina Pediculus Polypenlaus Polyp-louse
Parasitisches Urnenthierchen Parasitic urn animalcule
B Trichodina pediculus Polypenlaus Polyp-louse
L Trichodina pediculus Polypenlaus Polyp-louse
9. Campanella umbellaria (Linnaeus, 1758) Goldfuss, 1820
M = Vorticella acinosa Dan. Mespel-Snurreren Medlar ‘spinner’
S Vorticella acinosa Traubenförmiges Wirbelthier Grape-shaped whirl animal
E = Epistylis flavicans Gelbliches Säulenglöckchen Yellowish little pillar-bell
L Campanella umbellaria Doldenglockentier Umbel-bell animal
10. Opercularia articulata Goldfuss, 1820
E Opercularia articulata Gegliedertes Schirmglöckchen Divided little umbrella-bell
L Opercularia articulata Schirm-Glockentier Umbrella bell animal
Opercularia nutans (Ehrenberg, '1832') Stein, 1854
E Epistylis? nutans Nickendes-Säulenglöckchen Nodding little pillar-bell
B Opercularia nutans Nickendes Glockentierchen Nodding bell animalcule
11. Epistylis plicatilis Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Epistylis plicatilis Faltiges Säulenglöckchen Wrinkled little pillar-bell
L Epistylis plicatilis Säulen-Glockentier Pillar bell animal
12. Zoothamnium arbuscula (Ehrenberg, 1831) Ehrenberg, 1838
E Zoothamnium Arbuscula Baumartiges Doppelglöckchen Tree-like little double-bell
L Zoothamnium arbuscula Strauchtierchen Shrub animalcule
13. Carchesium polypinum (Linnaeus, 1758) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Vorticella polypina Dan. Polyp-Snurreren Polyp ‘spinner’
S Vorticella polypina Windeförmiges Wirbelthier Bindweed-shaped whirl animal
E Carchesium polypinum Schnellendes Glockenbäumchen Flicking little bell-tree
B Carchesium polypinum Glockenbäumchen Little bell-tree
14. Ophrydium versatile (Müller, 1786) Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Ophrydium versatile Grünes Gallertglöckchen Green little jelly-bell
L Ophrydium versatile Grünes Gallertkugeltierchen Green jelly-globe animalcule
15. Vorticella microstoma Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Vorticella microstoma Kleinmündiges Glockenthierchen Small-mouthed bell animalcule
B Vorticella microstoma Kleinmündige Glöckchen Small-mouthed little bell
L Vorticella microstoma Kleinmäuliges Glockentier Small-mouthed bell animal
Vorticella campanula Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Vorticella Campanula Grosses Glockenthierchen Great bell animalcule
B Vorticella campanula Glockenblümchen Little bellflower
L Vorticella campanula Glockentierchen Bell animalcule
Vorticella convallaria (Linnaeus, 1758) Linnaeus, 1767
M Vorticella Convallaria Dan. Lilien-Conval-Snurreren Lily-of-the-valley ‘spinner’
S Vorticella convallaria Mayblümchen Wirbelthier Little mayflower whirl animal
E Vorticella Convallaria Maiblumenthierchen Mayflower animalcule
B Vorticella convallaria Maiglöckchen Lily-of-the-valley
L Vorticella convallaria “Maiglöckchen” “Lily-of-the-valley”
Phylum Miozoa
…Class Peridinea
1. Ceratium cornutum (Ehrenberg, '1832') Claparède & Lachmann, 1859
E Peridinium cornutum Gehörntes Kranzthierchen Horned wreath animalcule
B Ceratium cornutum Hörnchen Little horn
L Ceratium cornutum Hörnchenalge Little horn alga
Ceratium hirundinella (Müller, 1773) Dujardin, 1841
M Bursaria hirundinella Dan. Strut-Pungen Cone ‘purse’
S = Ceratium macroceras Langhörniger Hornwurm Long-horned horn-worm
E = Peridinium cornutum Ceratium cornutum
B Ceratium hirundinella Schwälbchen Little swallow
L Ceratium hirundinella Hornalge Horn alga
2. Tripos muelleri Bory, 1826
E = Peridinium Tripos Dreihörniges Kranzthierchen Three-horned wreath animalcule
B Ceratium tripos Dreifuß Three-foot
3. Glenodinium cinctum Ehrenberg, '1837'
E Glenodinium cinctum Gelbes Augenkranzthierchen Yellow eye-wreath animalcule
L Glenodinium cinctum Augen-Panzerflagellat Eye armoured flagellate
Glenodinium pulvisculus (Ehrenberg, '1830') Stein, 1883
E Peridinium Pulvisculus Staubartiges Kranzthierchen Dust-like wreath animalcule
L Glenodinium pulvisculus Kleiner Panzerflagellat Little armoured flagellate
Phylum Bigyra
…Class Opalinea
1. Opalina ranarum (Ehrenberg, '1832') Purkinje & Valentin, 1835
E Bursaria Ranarum Frosch-Börsenthierchen Frog purse animalcule
B Opalina ranarum Perlentierchen Pearl animalcule
Phylum Ochrophyta
…Class Chrysophyceae
1. Synura uvella Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Synura Uvella Traubenartige Strahlenkugel Grape-like rayed-globe
L Synura uvella Rosetten-Goldkugel Rosette golden-globe
2. Chromophyton rosanoffii Woronin, 1880
B Chromulina rosanoffii Goldglanzalge Golden gleam alga
L Chromulina rosanoffii Gold-Glanzalge Golden gleam alga
3. Anthophysa vegetans (Müller, 1786) Stein, 1878
S = Vorticella Volvox Kugelthierförmiges Wirbelthier Globe-animal-shaped whirl animal
E Epistylis? vegetans Pflanzenartiges Säulenglöckchen Plant-like little pillar-bell
L Anthophysis vegetans Traubenbäumchen Little grape-tree
4. Uroglena volvox Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Uroglena Volvox Wälzendes Strahlenauge Rolling rayed-eye
L Uroglena volvox Gelbe Wimperkugel Yellow ciliate-globe
5. Epipyxis utriculus (Ehrenberg, '1832') Ehrenberg, 1838
E Epipyxis Utriculus Schlauchartiges Hermenthierchen Tube-like herm animalcule
L Dinobryon utriculus Bechermoos-Alge Cup-moss alga
6. Dinobryon sertularia Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Dinobryon Sertularia Wedelförmiges Wirbelmoosthierchen Frond-shaped whirl-moss animalcule
B Dinobryon sertularia Panzermoos sp. Armoured-moss sp.
Wirbelmoos sp. Whirl-moss sp.
L Dinobryon sertularia Becherbäumchen Little cup-tree
Dinobryon sociale (Ehrenberg, '1830') Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Dinobryon? sociale Geselliges Wirbelmoosthierchen Social whirl-moss animalcule
L Dinobryon sociale Becherbäumchen Little cup-tree
…Class Raphidomonadea
1. Actinosphaerium eichhornii (Ehrenberg, 1840) Stein, 1857
B Actinosphaerium eichhorni Strahlenkugeltierchen Rayed-globe animalcule
L Actinosphaerium eichhorni Strahlenbällchen Little rayed-ball
2. Actinophrys sol (Müller, 1773) Ehrenberg, '1830'
M Trichoda Sol Dan. Soel-Spilleren Sun ‘player’
S Trichoda Sol Sonnen Borstenthierchen Sun bristle animalcule
E Actinophrys Sol Weissliches Sonnenthierchen Whitish sun animalcule
L Actinophrys sol Das Sonnentier The sun animal
…Class Diatomeae
1. Melosira varians Agardh, 1827
E Gallionella varians Veränderliche Dosenkette Variable box-chain
L Melosira varians Faden-Kieselalge Thread diatom
2. Tabellaria flocculosa (Roth, 1797) Kützing, 1844
E Bacillaria flocculosa Flockenartiges Zickzackthierchen Flake-like zig-zag animalcule
L Tabellaria flocculosa Moor-Kieselalge Bog diatom
3. Diatoma vulgaris Bory, 1824
E Bacillaria vulgaris Gewöhnliches Zickzackthierchen Common zig-zag animalcule
L Diatoma vulgare Gemeine Zickzack-Kieselalge Common zig-zag diatom
4. Ulnaria capitata (Ehrenberg, 1836) Compère, 2001
E Synedra capitata Breitköpfiges Ellenthierchen Wide-headed ell animalcule
L Synedra capitata Breitkopfige Stab-Kieselalge Wide-headed staff diatom
Ulnaria ulna (Nitzsch, 1817) Compère, 2001
E Synedra Ulna Gewöhnliches Ellenthierchen Common ell animalcule
L Synedra ulna Stab-Kieselalge Staff diatom
5. Eunotia arcus Ehrenberg, 1837
E Eunotia Arcus Bogenartiges Prachtschiffchen Bow-like little splendour-ship
L Eunotia arcus Bogen-Kieselalge Bow diatom
Eunotia triodon Ehrenberg, 1837
E Eunotia Triodon Dreizackiges Prachtschiffchen Three-pronged little splendour-ship
L Eunotia triodon Wellen-Kieselalge Wave diatom
6. Nitzschia sigmoidea (Nitzsch, 1817) Smith, 1853
E Navicula sigmoidea Es-ähnliches Schiffchen S-like little ship
L Nitzschia sigmoidea Sigma-Kielalge Sigma keel alga
7. Cocconeis placentula Ehrenberg, 1838
E Cocconeïs Placentula Kuchen-Schildschiffchen Cake little shield-ship
L Cocconeis placentula Flache Algenlause Flat alga-louse
Cocconeis pediculus Ehrenberg, 1838
E Cocconeïs Pediculus Schmarotzer-Schildschiffchen Parasitic little shield-ship
L Cocconeis pediculus Gewölbte Algenlause Arched alga-louse
8. Achnanthidium minutissima (Kützing, 1833) Czarnecki, 1994
E Achnanthes minutissima Zwerg-Fahnenthierchen Dwarf flag animalcule
L Achnanthes minutissima Kleine Aufsitzer-Kieselalge Little epiphytic diatom
9. Gomphonema acuminatum Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Gomphonema acuminatum Spitzköpfiges Keilbäumchen Pointed-head little wedge-tree
L Gomphonema acuminatum Spitze Stielchen-Kieselalge Pointed little stalk diatom
10. Cymbella lanceolata (Ehrenberg, 1838) Kirchner, 1878
E Cocconema lanceolatum Lanzenartiges Stelzkorn Lance-like stilt-grain
L Cymbella lanceolata Große Kahn-Kieselalge Great boat diatom
11. Amphipleura pellucida (Kützing, 1833) Kützing, 1844
E Navicula? pellucida Gefurchtes Schiffchen Furrowed little ship
L Amphipleura pellucida Glas-Kieselalge Glass diatom
12. Pinnularia viridis (Nitzsch, 1817) Ehrenberg, 1843
E Navicula viridis Grünfarbiges Schiffchen Green-coloured little ship
L Pinnularia viridis Grüne Rippen-Kieselalge Green ribbed diatom
13. Amphora ovalis (Kützing, 1833) Kützing, 1844
E = Navicula? Amphora Tonnen-Schiffchen Barrel little ship
L Amphora ovalis Krug-Kieselalge Pitcher diatom
Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Euglenozoa
…Class Kinetoplastea
1. Bodo saltans Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Bodo saltans Hüpfende Schwanzmonade Leaping tailed monad
B Bodo saltans Hüpfende Schwanzmonade Leaping tailed monad
L Bodo saltans Zweigeißeliger Fluß-Flagellat Two-whipped stream flagellate
…Class Peranemea
1. Peranema trichophorum (Ehrenberg, '1830') Stein, 1878
E Trachelius? trichophorus Peitschenförmiges Halsthierchen Whip-shaped neck animalcule
L Peranema trichophorum Starrgeißel-Flagellat Rigid-whip flagellate
…Class Euglenophyceae
1. Lepocinclis acus (Müller, 1786) Marin & Melkonian, 2003
E Euglena Acus Nadelförmiges Augenthierchen Needle-shaped eye animalcule
L Euglena acus Starres Augentier Rigid eye animal
Lepocinclis spirogyroides Marin & Melkonian, 2003
E Euglena Spirogyra Gewundenes Augenthierchen Tortuous eye animalcule
L Euglena spirogyra Schraubiges Augentier Twisted eye animal
2. Phacus triqueter (Ehrenberg, '1834') Dujardin, 1841
E Euglena triquetra Dreiseitiges Augenthierchen Three-sided eye animalcule
L Phacus triqueter Dreieckiger Herzflagellat Triangular heart flagellate
Phacus longicauda (Ehrenberg, '1830') Dujardin, 1841
E Euglena longicauda Langschwänziges Augenthierchen Long-tailed eye animalcule
L Phacus longicauda Herzflagellat Heart flagellate
Phacus pleuronectes (Müller, 1773) Dujardin, 1841
M Cercaria Pleuronectes Dan. Flönder-Haleren Flounder ‘tailed’
S Cercaria Pleuronectes Schollenförmiges Schwanzthierchen Plaice-shaped tail animalcule
E Euglena Pleuronectes Schollenartiges Augenthierchen Plaice-like eye animalcule
L Phacus pleuronectes Platter Herzflagellat Flat heart flagellate
3. Euglena ehrenbergii Klebs, 1883
E Amblyophis viridis Grünes Stumpfauge Green blunt-eye
L Euglena ehrenbergi Ehrenbergs Augentier Ehrenberg’s eye animal
Euglena deses Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Euglena deses Träges Augenthierchen Lazy eye animalcule
L Euglena deses Lebhaftes Augentier Lively eye animal
Euglena viridis (Müller, 1786) Ehrenberg, 1830
S Cercaria viridis Grünes Schwanzthierchen Green tail animalcule
E Euglena viridis Grünes Augenthierchen Green eye animalcule
B Euglena viridis Grünes Augentierchen Green eye animalcule
L Euglena viridis Grünes Augentier Green eye animal
Euglena sanguinea Ehrenberg, 1830
E Euglena sanguinea Blutfarbiges Augenthierchen Blood-coloured eye animalcule
B Euglena sanguinea Rotes Augentierchen Red eye animalcule
L Euglena sanguinea Rotes Augentier Red eye animal
4. Monomorphina pyrum (Ehrenberg, '1832') Mereschkowsky, 1877
E Euglena Pyrum Birnförmiges Augenthierchen Pear-shaped eye animalcule
L Phacus pyrum Schraubiger Herzflagellat Twisted heart flagellate
5. Trachelomonas volvocina (Ehrenberg, '1832') Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Trachelomonas volvocina Wälzende Rüsselmonade Rolling trunk monad
L Trachelomonas volvocina Kragenflagellat Collar flagellate
Trachelomonas armata (Ehrenberg, '1832') Stein, 1878
E Chaetotyphla armata Stachliges Klettenthierchen Spinous bur animalcule
L Trachelomonas armata Werhafter Kragenflagellat Fortified collar flagellate
Phylum Metamonada
…Class Anaeromonadea
1. Trimastix pyriformis (Klebs, 1893) Bernard, Simpson & Patterson, 1999
B Tetramitus pyriformis Viergeißler sp. Four-flagellate sp.
L Tetramitus pyriformis Viergeißel-Flagellat Four-whip flagellate
…Class Eopharyngea
1. Hexamita inflata Dujardin, 1841
B Hexamitus inflatus Sechsgeißler Six-flagellate
L Hexamita inflata Geblähter Achtgeißel-Flagellat Inflated eight-whip flagellate
Phylum Amoebozoa
…Class Discosea
1. Thecamoeba verrucosa (Ehrenberg, 1838) Glaeser, 1912
E Amoeba verrucosa Kurzfüssiges Wechselthierchen Short-footed changing animalcule
B Amoeba verrucosa Rauhe Wechseltierchen Rough changing animalcule
L Thecamoeba verrucosa Warzige Erdamöbe Warty earth amoeba
…Class Tubulinea
1. Amoeba proteus (Pallas, 1766) Leidy, 1878
E = Amoeba diffluens Schmelzendes Wechselthierchen Melting changing animalcule
Proteus Proteus
B Amoeba proteus Vielgestaltige Wechseltierchen Many-form changing animalcule
Kleinen Proteus Little Proteus
L = Chaos diffluens Die Amöbe The amoeba
Das Wechseltierchen The changing animalcule
2. Saccamoeba limax (Dujardin, 1841) Page, 1974
B Hyalodiscus limax Schneckchen Little snail (or slug)
L Vahlkampfia limax Große Fließamöbe Great flow amoeba
3. Pyxidicula operculata (Agardh, 1827) Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Pyxidicula operculata Büchsenförmige Kugeldose Box-shaped globe-box
L Pyxidicula operculata Käppchen-Schalenamöbe Little cap shelled amoeba
4. Centropyxis aculeata (Ehrenberg, '1830') Stein, 1859
E Arcella aculeata Stachliges Kapselthierchen Spinous capsule animalcule
L Centropyxis aculeata Stachel-Schalenamöbe Spined shelled amoeba
5. Arcella vulgaris Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Arcella vulgaris Scheibenförmiges Kapselthierchen Disk-shaped capsule animalcule
B Arcella vulgaris Kapseltierchen Capsule animalcule
L Arcella vulgaris Gemeines Uhrglastier Common watch-glass animal
Arcella dentata Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Arcella dentata Gezahntes Kapselthierchen Toothed capsule animalcule
L Arcella dentata Gezähntes Uhrglastier Toothed watch-glass animal
6. Difflugia acuminata Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Difflugia acuminata Spitziges Schmelzthierchen Pointed melting animalcule
L Difflugia acuminata Spitzen-Schmelztierchen Pointed melting animalcule
Difflugia pyriformis Perty, 1849
B Difflugia pyriformis Schmelztierchen sp. Melting animalcule sp.
L Difflugia pyriformis Birnen-Schmelztierchen Pear melting animalcule
…Class Archamoebea
1. Mastigamoeba aspera Schulze, 1875
B Mastigamoeba aspera Geißelamöbe Whip amoeba
L Mastigamoeba aspera Klebrige Geißelamöbe Sticky whip amoeba
2. Pelomyxa palustris Greef, 1874
B Pelomyxa palustris Schlammamöbe Mud amoeba
L Pelomyxa palustris Schweinchenamöbe Piglet amoeba
Größte Süßwasseramöbe Greatest freshwater amoeba
Phylum Choanozoa
…Class Choanoflagellatea
1. Codosiga botrytis (Ehrenberg, '1832') Kent, 1880
E Epistylis botrytis Botrytis-Säulenglöckchen Botrytis little pillar-bell
L Codosiga botrytis Stielchen-Flagellat Little stalk flagellate
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Gnathifera
…Class Bdelloidea
1. Rotaria neptunia (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Actinurus neptunius Langer Dreizack Long three-prong
L Rotaria neptunia Teleskop-Rädertier sp. Telescope wheel animal sp.
Rotaria tardigrada (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E = Rotifer tardus Das faule Rüsselrädchen The idle little trunk-wheel
L Rotaria tardigrada Teleskop-Rädertier sp. Telescope wheel animal sp.
Rotaria citrina (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Rotifer? citrinus Citrongelbes Rüsselrädchen Lemon-yellow little trunk-wheel
L Rotaria rotatoria citrina Teleskop-Rädertier sp. Telescope wheel animal sp.
Rotaria rotatoria (Pallas, 1766)
M Vorticella rotatoria Dan. Hiul-Snurreren Wheel ‘spinner’
S = Rotifer vulgaris Gemeines Räderthier Common wheel animal
E = Rotifer vulgaris Das alte Räderthierchen The old wheel animalcule
B Rotifer vulgaris Rüsselrädchen Little trunk-wheel
L Rotaria rotatoria Teleskop-Rädertier sp. Telescope wheel animal sp.
2. Dissotrocha aculeata (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Philodina aculeata Stachliges Nackenrädchen Spinous little neck-wheel
L Dissotrocha aculeata Leder-Rüsselrädchen sp. Leather little trunk-wheel sp.
Dissotrocha macrostyla (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Philodina macrostyla Langhörniges Nackenrädchen Long-horned little neck-wheel
L Dissotrocha aculeata macrostyla Leder-Rüsselrädchen sp. Leather little trunk-wheel sp.
3. Philodina roseola Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Philodina roseola Röthliches Nackenrädchen Reddish little neck-wheel
L Philodina roseola Rüsselrädchen sp. Little trunk-wheel sp.
Philodina citrina Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Philodina citrina Citrongelbes Nackenrädchen Lemon-yellow little neck-wheel
L Philodina citrina Rüsselrädchen sp. Little trunk-wheel sp.
Philodina megalotrocha Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Philodina megalotrocha Grosswimpriges Nackenrädchen Great-lashed little neck-wheel
L Philodina megalotrocha Rüsselrädchen sp. Little trunk-wheel sp.
…Class Monogononta
1. Testudinella patina (Hermann, 1783)
S Brachionus Patina Schüsselförmiges Kapselthier Bowl-shaped capsule animal
E Pterodina Patina Schüsselartiges Flügelrädchen Bowl-like little winged-wheel
Schüssel Bowl
L Testudinella patina Schildkröten-Rädertier sp. Turtle wheel animal sp.
2. Filinia passa (Müller, 1786)
E = Triarthra mystacina Kurzbärtiger Dreibart Short-beaded three-beard
Der Kurzbart The short-beard
L Filinia longiseta passa Springborsten-Rädertier sp. Jumping-bristle wheel animal sp.
Filinia longiseta (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Triarthra longiseta Langbärtiger Dreibart Long-bearded three-beard
Der Langbart The long-beard
L Filinia longiseta longiseta Springborsten-Rädertier sp. Jumping-bristle wheel animal sp.
3. Conochilus hippocrepis (Schrank, 1803)
S Linza Hippocrepis Hufeisenförmiges Laichkrautwurm Horseshoe-shaped pondweed-worm
E = Megalotrocha albo-flavicans Sinantherina socialis
Conochilus Volvox Wälzender Lippenkreisel Rolling lip-top
Kugelfischchen Little globe-fish
B Conochilus volvox Kugeltierchen Globe animalcule
L Conochilus hippocrepis Kugel-Rädertier Globe wheel animal
4. Ptygura crystallina (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Oecistes crystallinus Crystallendes Hülsenfischchen Crystalline little sleeved-fish
L Ptygura crystallina Segel-Rädertier sp. Sail wheel animal sp.
Ptygura melicerta Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Ptygura Melicerta Der Faltenschwanz The wrinkled-tail
L Ptygura melicerta Segel-Rädertier sp. Sail wheel animal sp.
5. Floscularia ringens (Linnaeus, 1758)
S Melicerta ringens Zweylippiger Blumenpolype Two-lipped flower polyp
E Melicerta ringens Rachen-blumiges Vierblatt Flowery-throat four-leaf
L Floscularia ringens Blumen-Rädertier sp. Flower wheel animal sp.
Floscularia melicerta (Ehrenberg, '1832')
E = Tubicolaria Najas Die Mantel-Najade The mantle naiad
L Floscularia melicerta Blumen-Rädertier sp. Flower wheel animal sp.
6. Sinantherina socialis (Linnaeus, 1758)
M Vorticella socialis Dan. Samqvem-Snurreren Company ‘spinner’
S = Linza Hippocrepis Conochilus hippocrepis
E = Megalotrocha albo-flavicans Gelbliches Sonnenschirmthierchen Yellowish parasol animalcule
L Sinantherina socialis Höcker-Rädertier sp. Humped wheel animal sp.
7. Lacinularia flosculosa (Müller, 1773)
M Vorticella flosculosa Dan. Blomster-Snurreren Bloom ‘spinner’
S Linza flosculosa Sprossendes Laichkrautwurm Sprouting pondweed-worm
E = Lacinularia socialis Das Hufeisenthierchen The horseshoe animalcule
L Lacinularia flosculosa Herz-Rädertier sp. Heart wheel animal sp.
8. Limnias ceratophylli Schrank, 1803
S Limnias Ceratophylli Hornblatt Dütenthierchen Hornwort cone animalcule
E Limnias ceratophylli Wasser-Dütchen Water little cone
L Limnias ceratophylli Kronenlappen-Rädertier sp. Crown-lobe wheel animal sp.
9. Stephanoceros fimbriatus (Goldfuss, 1820)
E = Stephanoceros Eichhornii Eichhorn’s Kronenrädchen Eichhorn’s little crown-wheel
Die Krone The crown
L Stephanoceros fimbriatus Fransenkrone Fringe-crown
10. Collotheca ornata (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Floscularia ornata Schmuck-Rädchen Ornament little wheel
B Floscularia ornata Geschmücktes Blumentierchen Adorned flower animalcule
L Collotheca ornata Reusen-Rädertier sp. Fish-trap wheel animal sp.
11. Colurella uncinata (Müller, 1773)
M Brachionus uncinatus Dan. Krog-Hvirvleren Hook ‘whirlers’
E Colurus? uncinatus Der kleine Zangenfuss The little pincer-foot
L Colurella uncinata Narrenkappen-Rädertier sp. Fool’s cap wheel animal sp.
12. Lepadella patella (Müller, 1773)
M Brachionus Patella Dan. Fad-Hvirvleren Plate ‘whirlers’
S Brachionus Patella Tellerförmiges Kapselthier Dish-shaped capsule animal
E = Lepadella emarginata Ausgeschweiftes Schuppenfischchen Sinuate little scale-fish
L Lepadella patella Mützen-Rädertier Cap wheel animal
13. Itura aurita (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Diglena? aurita Langöhriges Zweiauge Long-eared two-eye
L Itura aurita Zoochlorellen-Rädertier Zoochlorella wheel animal
14. Enteroplea lacustris Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Diglena lacustris Lachen-Zweiauge, Dreigabel Pool two-eye, Three-fork
L Enteroplea lacustris Blinddarm-Rädertier Blind-gut wheel animal
15. Pourriotia werneckii (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Notommata Werneckii Werneck’s Nackenauge Werneck’s neck-eye
L Proales wernecki Schmarotzer-Rädertier sp. Parasitic wheel animal sp.
16. Pleurotrocha petromyzon (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Notommata Petromyzon Der Pricken-Fischchen The little lamprey-fish
L Pleurotrocha petromyzon Aas-Rädertier Carrion wheel animal
17. Notommata tripus Ehrenberg, 1838
E Notommata Tripus Der Dreifuss The three-foot
L Notommata tripus Wimperohren-Rädertier sp. Lash-ear wheel animal sp.
Notommata copeus Ehrenberg, '1834'
E Notommata Copeus Ruder-Fischchen, Der Telegraph Rudder little fish, The telegraph
L Notommata copeus Wimperohren-Rädertier sp. Lash-ear wheel animal sp.
Notommata aurita (Müller, 1786)
E Notommata aurita Doppelohr Double-ear
L Notommata aurita Wimperohren-Rädertier sp. Lash-ear wheel animal sp.
18. Cephalodella auriculata (Müller, 1773)
M Vorticella auriculata Ŏre-Snurreren Ear ‘spinner’
S Ecclissa lacinulata Lappiges Trompetenthierchen Lobate trumpet animalcule
E = Notommata lacinulata Zweispitziges Nackenauge Two-pointed neck-eye
L Cephalodella auriculata Zangen-Rädertier sp. Pincer wheel animal sp.
Cephalodella forficula (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Furcularia Forficula Ohrwurmfischchen Little earwig-fish
L Cephalodella forficula Zangen-Rädertier sp. Pincer wheel animal sp.
Cephalodella gibba (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Furcularia gibba Buckliges Gabelfischchen Humpbacked little forked-fish
L Cephalodella gibba Zangen-Rädertier sp. Pincer wheel animal sp.
Cephalodella catellina (Müller, 1786)
E Diglena catellina Das Hündchen The little dog
L Cephalodella catellina Zangen-Rädertier sp. Pincer wheel animal sp.
19. Monommata longiseta (Müller, 1786)
E Notommata longiseta Langgabel Long-fork
L Monommata longiseta Einaugen-Rädertier sp. One-eye wheel animal sp.
20. Dicranophorus forcipatus (Müller, 1786)
E Diglena forcipata Krummfingriges Zweiauge Bent-fingered two-eye
L Dicranophorus forcipatus Wolf-Rädertier sp. Wolf wheel animal sp.
Dicranophorus grandis (Ehrenberg, '1832')
E Diglena grandis Kneipzangenfischchen Little nip-pincer fish
L Dicranophorus grandis Wolf-Rädertier sp. Wolf wheel animal sp.
21. Dicranophoroides caudatus (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Diglena caudata Langschwanziges Zweiauge Long-tailed two-eye
L Dicranophorus caudatus Wolf-Rädertier sp. Wolf wheel animal sp.
22. Encentrum felis (Müller, 1773)
M Vorticella Felis Katte-Snurreren Cat ‘spinner’
S Ecclissa Felis Zweyhörniges Trompetenthierchen Two-horned trumpet animalcule
E Notommata? Felis Die Wasserkatze The water-cat
L Encentrum felis Marderrädertier sp. Marten-wheel animal sp.
23. Gastropus hyptopus (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Notommata hyptopus Das Käulchen The little globe
L Gastropus hyptopus Zweizehen-Saugrädertier Two-toe sucking wheel animal
24. Trichocerca tigris (Müller, 1786)
S Trichoda Tigris Zweyborstiges Borstenthierchen Two-bristled bristle animalcule
E Notommata? Tigris Die Wassertiger The water-tiger
L Trichocerca tigris Rattenschwanz-Rädertier sp. Rat-tailed wheel animal sp.
Trichocerca longiseta (Schrank, 1802)
S Vaginaria longiseta Langborstiges Scheidethierchen Long-bristle sheath animalcule
E = Monocerca bicornis Zweihörniger Fadenschwanz Two-horned thread-tail
Stachel-Ratte Spine-rat
L Trichocerca longiseta Rattenschwanz-Rädertier sp. Rat-tailed wheel animal sp.
Trichocerca rattus (Müller, 1776)
E Monocerca Rattus Ratte-Fischchen Rat little fish
L Trichocerca rattus Rattenschwanz-Rädertier sp. Rat-tailed wheel animal sp.
25. Microcodon clavus Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Microcodon Clavus Das Glockenfischchen The little bell-fish
L Microcodon clavus Nagel-Rädertier Nail wheel animal
26. Euchlanis triquetra Ehrenberg, 1838
E Euchlanis? triquetra Dreikantiges Mantelfischchen Three-edged little mantle-fish
L Euchlanis triquetra Fußborsten-Rädertier sp. Foot-bristle wheel animal sp.
Euchlanis dilatata Ehrenberg, '1830'
E Euchlanis dilatata Breites Mantelfishchen Wide little mantle-fish
Flunder-Rädchen Flounder little wheel
L Euchlanis dilatata Fußborsten-Rädertier sp. Foot-bristle wheel animal sp.
27. Lecane luna (Müller, 1776)
E Euchlanis Luna Mondförmiges Mantelfischchen Moon-shaped little mantle-fish
L Lecane luna Zipfelpanzer-Rädertier sp. Lobed-armour wheel animal sp.
Lecane quadridentata (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Monostyla quadridentata Vierhörniger Stachelfuss Four-horned spine-foot
L Lecane quadridentata Zipfelpanzer-Rädertier sp. Lobed-armour wheel animal sp.
Lecane cornuta (Müller, 1786)
E Monostyla cornuta Glatter Stachelfuss Smooth spine-foot
L Lecane cornuta Zipfelpanzer-Rädertier sp. Lobed-armour wheel animal sp.
Lecane lunaris (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Monostyla? lunaris Mondförmiges Stachelfuss Moon-shaped spine-foot
L Lecane lunaris Zipfelpanzer-Rädertier sp. Lobed-armour wheel animal sp.
28. Trichotria tetractis (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Dinocharis tetractis Vierzackiges Pokalthierchen Four-pronged goblet animalcule
L Trichotria tetractis Knickfuß-Rädertier sp. Kinked-foot wheel animal sp.
Trichotria pocillum (Müller, 1776)
S Vaginaria Pocillum Gewaffnetes Scheidethierchen Armed sheath animalcule
E Dinocharis Pocillum Fünfzackiges Pokalthierchen Five-pronged goblet animalcule
L Trichotria pocillum Knickfuß-Rädertier sp. Kinked-foot wheel animal sp.
29. Platyias quadricornis (Ehrenberg, '1832')
E Noteus quadricornis Vierhörniger Eiträger Four-horned egg-carrier
B Noteus quadricornis Schildrädertier Shield wheel animal
L Platyias quadricornis Schild-Rädertier sp. Shield wheel animal sp.
30. Plationus patulus (Müller, 1786)
S Brachionus patulus Klaffendes Kapselthier Gaping capsule animal
L Platyias patulus Schild-Rädertier sp. Shield wheel animal sp.
Plationus polyacanthus (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Brachionus polyacanthus Vieldorniges Wappenthierchen Many-thorned coat-of-arms animalcule
L Platyias polyacanthus Schild-Rädertier sp. Shield wheel animal sp.
31. Brachionus quadridentatus Hermann, 1783
E = Brachionus Bakeri Baker’s Wappenthierchen Baker’s coat-of-arms animalcule
L Brachionus quadridentatus Wappen-Rädertier sp. Coat-of-arms wheel animal sp.
Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas, 1766
E = Brachionus Pala Vierhörniges Wappenthierchen Four-horned coat-of-arms animalcule
L Brachionus calyciflorus Wappen-Rädertier sp. Coat-of-arms wheel animal sp.
Brachionus urceolaris Müller, 1773
M Brachionus urceolaris Dan. Krukke-Hvirvleren Urn ‘whirlers’
S Brachionus urceolaris Krugförmiges Kapselthier Pitcher-shaped capsule animal
E Brachionus urceolaris Urnenartiges Wappenthierchen Urn-like coat-of-arms animalcule
L Brachionus urceolaris Wappen-Rädertier sp. Coat-of-arms wheel animal sp.
Brachionus rubens Ehrenberg, 1838
E Brachionus rubens Röthliches Wappenthierchen Reddish coat-of-arms animalcule
L Brachionus rubens Wappen-Rädertier sp. Coat-of-arms wheel animal sp.
32. Notholca foliacea (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Anuraea foliacea Blattartiges Stutzrädchen Leaf-like little truncate-wheel
L Argonotholca foliacea Stachelblatt-Rädertier Spine-leaf wheel animal
Notholca acuminata (Ehrenberg, '1832')
E Anuraea acuminata Zugespitztes Stutzrädchen Tapered little truncate-wheel
L Notholca acuminata Furchenpanzer-Rädertier sp. Furrow-armour wheel animal sp.
Notholca squamula (Müller, 1786)
S Vaginaria Squammula Schuppenförmiges Scheidethierchen Scale-shaped sheath animalcule
E Anuraea Squamula Fischschuppen-artiges Stutzrädchen Fish-scale-like little truncate-wheel
Fischschüppchen Little fish-scale
L Notholca squamula Furchenpanzer-Rädertier sp. Furrow-armour wheel animal sp.
Notholca striata (Müller, 1786)
E Anuraea striata Gestreiftes Stutzrädchen Striated little truncate-wheel
L Notholca striata Furchenpanzer-Rädertier sp. Furrow-armour wheel animal sp.
33. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, 1851)
B Anuraea cochlearis Löffeltierchen Spoon animalcule
L Keratella cochlearis Facetten-Rädertier sp. Faceted wheel animal sp.
Keratella quadrata (Müller, 1786)
E = Anuraea aculeata Stachliges Stutzrädchen Spinous little truncate-wheel
L Keratella quadrata Facetten-Rädertier sp. Faceted wheel animal sp.
Keratella serrulata (Ehrenberg, 1838)
E Anuraea serrulata Hückriges Stutzrädchen Tubercular little truncate-wheel
L Keratella serrulata Facetten-Rädertier sp. Faceted wheel animal sp.
34. Lophocharis salpina (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Lepadella? salpina Salpen-Schüppchen Salp little scale
L Lophocharis salpina Mähnen-Rädertier sp. Maned wheel animal sp.
35. Mytilina mucronata (Müller, 1773)
M Brachionus mucronatus Dan. Braad-Hvirvleren Sting ‘whirlers’
S = Brachionus dentatus Zweyschaliges Kapselthier Two-shelled capsule animal
E Salpina mucronata Kurzstachliges Salpenfischchen Short-spined little salp-fish
L Mytilina mucronata Muschel-Rädertier sp. Mussel wheel animal sp.
Mytilina ventralis (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Salpina ventralis Langstachliges Salpenfischchen Long-spined little salp-fish
L Mytilina ventralis Muschel-Rädertier sp. Mussel wheel animal sp.
36. Proales parasita (Ehrenberg, '1837')
E Notommata Parasita Der Raubschiffer The pirate
L Proales parasita Schmarotzer-Rädertier sp. Parasitic wheel animal sp.
Proales decipiens (Ehrenberg, '1830')
E Notommata decipiens Schlankes Nackenauge Slender neck-eye
L Proales decipiens Schmarotzer-Rädertier sp. Parasitic wheel animal sp.
37. Cyrtonia tuba (Ehrenberg, '1834')
E Notommata Tuba Das Sprachrohr The speaking-trumpet
L Cyrtonia tuba Trompeten-Rädertier Trumpet wheel animal
38. Epiphanes brachionus (Ehrenberg, '1837')
E Notommata Brachionus Das Pritschen-Fischchen The pallet little fish
L Epiphanes brachionus Glas-Rädertier sp. Glass wheel animal sp.
Epiphanes senta (Müller, 1773)
M Vorticella senta Dan. Torne-Snurreren Thorn ‘spinner’
E Hydatina senta Grosses Crystallfischchen Great little crystal-fish
L Epiphanes senta Glas-Rädertier sp. Glass wheel animal sp.
39. Scaridium longicaudum (Müller, 1786)
S Vaginaria longicaudata Langschwänziges Scheidethierchen Long-tailed sheath animalcule
E Scaridium longicaudum Der langfüssige Springer The long-footed jumper
L Scaridium longicaudum Springfuß-Rädertier Jumping-foot wheel animal
40. Asplanchnopus multiceps (Schrank, 1793)
S Brachionus multiceps Vielköpfiges Kapselthier Many-headed capsule animal
E = Notommata myrmeleo Die Zangen-Glocke The pincer-bell
L Asplanchnopus multiceps Löwen-Rädertier Lion wheel animal
41. Synchaeta tremula (Müller, 1786)
E Synchaeta tremula Kreiselnder Borstenkopf Spinning bristle-head
L Synchaeta tremula Drachen-Rädertier sp. Kite wheel animal sp.
Synchaeta oblonga Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Synchaeta oblonga Gestreckter Borstenkopf Stretched bristle-head
L Synchaeta oblonga Drachen-Rädertier sp. Kite wheel animal sp.
Synchaeta pectinata Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Synchaeta pectinata Kammtragender Borstenkopf Comb-bearing bristle-head
L Synchaeta pectinata Drachen-Rädertier sp. Kite wheel animal sp.
Phylum Gastrotricha
1. Ichthydium podura (Müller, 1773)
M Cercaria Podura Dan. Loppe-Haleren Flea ‘tailed’
E Ichthydium podura Das Wimperfischchen The little ciliate-fish
L Ichthydium podura Zehenfischchen Little toe-fish
2. Chaetonotus maximus Ehrenberg, '1832'
E Chaetonotus maximus Grosses Bürstenfischchen Great little brush-fish
L Chaetonotus maximus Flaschentierchen Bottle animalcule

Additional Notes

Years for Ehrenberg’s species

Most of Ehrenberg’s new species were described in Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, available from them here or BHL here. Unfortunately the dates for these vary between sources, because those papers were typically available before being published in the serial, often with another name.

This is a technical matter, but I thought it might be worth adding a note on this for anyone who has run into this list trying to resolve these years. To keep things straight the species here are marked with years in single quotes, referring to the following papers:

'1830' Serial: Beiträge zur Kentniss der Organisation der Infusorien und ihrer geographischen Verbreitung, besonders in Siberien. Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (für 1830). (1832)
Separate: Organisation, Systematik und geographisches Verhältniss der Infusionsthierchen. Zwei Vorträge, in der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin gehalten in den Jahren 1828 und 1830. F. Dümmler, Berlin. (1830)
'1832' Serial: Über die Entwicklung und Lebensdauer der Infusionsthiere; nebst ferneren Beiträgen zu einer Vergleichung ihrer organischen Systeme. Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (für 1831). (1832)
Separate: Zur Erkenntniss der Organisation in der Richtung des kleinsten Raumes. Zweiter Beitrag. F. Dümmler, Berlin. (1832)
'1834' Serial: Dritter Beitrag zur Erkentniss grosser Organisation in der Richtung des kleinsten Raumes. Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (für 1833). (1835)
Separate: Organisation in der Richtung des kleinsten Raumes. Dritter Beitrag. F. Dümmler, Berlin. (1834)
'1837' Serial: Zusätze zur Erkenntniss grosser organischer Ausbildung in den kleinsten thierischen Organismen. Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (für 1835). (1837)

Most new species in '1830' and '1837' are given with little or no description, so could be attributed to following papers instead, but most sources have not done so. These include many works on ciliates and protozoans, which often follow Corliss in using the initial dates 1830, 1831, 1833, 1835 as the years.

Other authors have used the serial dates 1832, 1832, 1835, 1837, including most bacteriologists and phycologists. The ICZN, which regulates zoological nomenclature, gives the actual dates of issue as 1830, 1832, 1834, 1837, e.g. in its List of Available Names for rotifers.