Josh’s Microlife

Newest addition: Lamprocystis 2022/01; Newest video: Phaenocora mating 2016/10

This is a collection of photos I have taken of microscopic life, including protozoa, algae, and animals, from several millimetres down to around 20 µm in size. They are generally more common types, but each habitat has its own characteristic flora and fauna, and even these are often impressively diverse.

I’ve arranged these into a rough guide, which hopefully might be of use in recognizing your own finds or explaining a little about what is out there. Note, though, that this is very far from a complete list, and though I have done my best, I am not a biologist and may well have made some mistakes.

This site is updated occasionally as time permits. Please enjoy, and feel welcome to contact me if you have questions, comments, or requests. If you’d like to help out, feedback is appreciated, or you could look at my most wanted identifications.

Thanks, Joshua Grosse


Organisms by Group

  1. Kingdom Bacteria
    1. Phylum Cyanobacteria – blue-green algae
    2. Phylum Proteobacteria – purple bacteria & allies
  2. Kingdom Plantae
    1. Phylum Rhodophyta – red algae
    2. Phylum Chlorophyta – green algae
    3. Phylum Tracheophyta – vascular plants
  3. Kingdom Chromista
    1. Phylum Cryptista
    2. Phylum Haptista
    3. Phylum Cercozoa
    4. Phylum Ciliophora – ciliates
    5. Phylum Miozoa
    6. Phylum Ochrophyta – heterokont algae
  4. Kingdom Protozoa
    1. Phylum Percolozoa
    2. Phylum Euglenozoa
    3. Phylum Amoebozoa
  5. Kingdom Fungi
  6. Kingdom Animalia
    1. Phylum Cnidaria
    2. Phylum Gnathifera – rotifers & allies
    3. Phylum Gastrotricha
    4. Phylum Bryozoa
    5. Phylum Annelida – segmented worms
    6. Phylum Platyhelminthes – flatworms
    7. Phylum Mollusca
    8. Phylum Nematoda – roundworms
    9. Phylum Tardigrada
    10. Phylum Arthropoda – insects, crustaceans & allies

Additional notes

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    3. Identifications needing help
  2. References
    1. Identification and classification
    2. Etymology and pronunciation
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Historical names of animalcules